I am a Firewalker – Unleash The Power Within (UPW)

The Tony Robbins firewalk teaches its participants how to harness their own inner strength. Those who dare to attempt the task learn how to place mind over matter, or how to put physical discomfort aside for the pursuit of mental excellence.

Ryka Milo, a firewalker from San Diego, California, says that when she set out on her firewalking journey, “I was just really, really excited because I’ve always loved Tony Robbins.” She knew what to expect when she arrived, due to previous Tony Robbins firewalk reviews. Ryka said she understood that, “When people walk away from this event, they’re amazed. They’re transformed.”

She was intimidated when she arrived. Nonetheless, despite her fears, Ryka claims that, “I was excited to better myself and to come and experience it.” She arrived with four friends. While being in a large group was initially comforting to her, she felt herself starting to doubt her ability to complete the firewalk.

“I love to be challenged, but I saw myself breaking down at one point. I thought maybe I just won’t do it, I’ll let you guys do it and I’ll watch. And then I thought, no, I came to do it — so I’m going to do it. I don’t want to let myself down,” said Ryka. She realized that by overcoming her fears and attempting the firewalk alongside her friends, that she’d leave the event feeling like a stronger, more capable version of herself.

“So then it was my turn and I was like, ‘Mind over matter.’ I just started thinking ‘courage, strength,’ just everything that was empowering for me,” Ryka said. She developed her own internal mantra to motivate herself to complete the walk.

After she emerged on the other side of the coals, Ryka stated, “I didn’t feel the heat because I was so focused on my mind and my heart.” Completing the firewalk is an emotional and physical accomplishment. As Ryka told the Tony Robbins team, “If I can explain the feeling when I went through the fire, when I was done? I wanted to cry. Just getting to the final moment — I did this, I accomplished it.”

The sense of pride that washes over a firewalker is intense and immediate. “I started crying. I was so proud of myself that yeah, I did it. I just felt very strong, very powerful — unbreakable,” said Ryka.

Those who are unsure if the firewalk is for them should turn to Tony Robbins firewalk reviews, such as Ryka’s. These testimonials prove that anyone is capable of accomplishing the firewalk if they put their mind to it. “Just being in the right state of mind, because then all of the things that scare you — they disappear. They’re not there.”

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