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Welcome to another episode of Conversations with Tom with guest Richard Dawkins, one of the leaders of a group of thinkers promoting rationality and the scientific method in an era where supernatural thinking appears to be gaining steam. In this episode, Dawkins describes the awe and wonder that scientific investigation can induce, discusses the history of time, and talks about how important it is to pursue the truth.


Richard explains why truth is evolutionarily important [0:37]
Richard advocates believing in evidence to avoid the echo chamber effect [1:36]
Why are some people attracted to mystical answers and supernatural nonsense? [3:41]
Is occasional self-delusion healthy? [4:53]
Richard talks about how astronomy and astrology both tap into awe, but only one is true [6:31]
Richard describes the motivation behind Outgrowing God [8:19]
Richard describes the wonders of natural life [9:44]
Richard shares his journey to becoming a scientist [12:38]
Richard debunks the idea of intelligent design [14:37]
Richard explains the history of life, and how recently human beings appeared [18:03]
Richard and Tom discuss cultural adaptation [20:10]
Richard strongly advocates investigating reality, and skeptical rationality [25:08]
Richard and Tom discuss mentalists, conjurors, and magicians [26:00]
Richard and Tom discuss whether a scientific worldview will lead to a more fulfilled life [29:55]
Richard advocates that we create the purpose in our life [32:42]
Richard and Tom discuss the biology of emotions, love and beauty [33:48]
Richard explains how we know that evolution is real [36:24]



Credit to Tom Bilyeu for his amazing work!