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Principles by Ray Dalio:


Robyn Bautista: “Hi Tom, I’m 29 years old, and am barely beginning to learn about growth mindset and taking ownership. I find myself getting distraught about where I am in life and question what I want to move towards. I feel so behind and find myself getting angry over the choices I’ve made and not having knowledge sooner. I’m afraid I’m too old to change. What advice do you have for me and how do I move out of this space?” [2:15]

Darsh: “I have an extreme daily routine where i wake up early (2:30 am) and take cold showers by 3:30 am. I’m studying for upcoming exams and have done this routine for around 2 months and am beginning to get fed up of it – also grades haven’t improved much from where they were before my extreme routine, so parents think that it holds no value. What can I do in order to carry on this rather brutal process without getting fed up and continue to love learning?” [5:10]

George Griffeth: “How often do you feel unmotivated with your production company? Do you ever feel like it isn’t going to get where you want it to?” [7:34]

Hessy Williams; “How do you respond when the Matrix tries to draw you back in?” [11:40]

Saurabh Jadhav: “Why do so many people feel They Are “Behind” in whatever they are achieving? There must be some reason…can you give us small explanation please?” [14:40]

Natalie Tellish: “It’s no secret that the American education system is outdated. What sorts of things do you think should be incorporated to the education of today’s children? What concepts or courses do you think are obsolete and can be completely removed? [16:30]

Jacques Botha: “Hi Tom, I’m a nice guy with all the nice guy tendencies and find that people talk over me in group conversations how do I make myself heard? Without being an A**hole?” [18:13]

Dayna N Anthony Mott: “I finished Principles by Ray Dalio. I have an organization slightly different than a traditional structure. How did you initially introduce the concepts to your team? What obstacles did you face? I want to implement right away.” [22:32]

Crafty B: “Tom! I’m a lazy ass but I desperately want to have self-discipline how can I start to build up self-discipline and how can I keep it up, and not go back to my lazy tendencies?” [26:19]

Jose Gabriel Gonzalez: “Tom, how did your life’s mission evolve over time to the point at which it is now? Did you just wake up one day with the idea of building a studio that would get people out of the matrix or did you slowly polish the idea over time? How did the process look like for you?” [30:06]

Amanda Coffey: “I’m having concerns with positive thinking and affirmations. So I’m in the process of changing my thoughts to positive ones. I’ve found myself worried about some music I listen too. Example: “bad at love” lyric. Can music cross over to our subconscious thoughts?” [33:09]

Will Collette: “Our unit likes to solve problems with meetings. I’m in at least one a day, and they take at least an hour (I hate them). What’s your advice to get rid of these (they often don’t result in productive action), and solve problems another way?” [35:01]

Lerone Graham​: “Tom! With all of the books you read, how do you balance between implementing the principles and getting bogged down with analysis paralysis?” [37:25]

Emanuele Venturini: “Hi Tom, I have a passion for musical composition and I find really hard to picture a future where my passion will allow me to make the money I need to live.. How would you handle this situation?” [38:23]

David Gomes: “Tom, how to manage returning to the habit of going to bed early, considering I go out at night every other friday?” [40:10]

Lindsey Schutze: “Hey Tom, I find myself feeling intimidated by talking with others who are much more intellectual than I am. Despite that, I’m trying to pitch in where I can, knowing I can learn. What is a good question to ask others to learn from them and open the door for almost mentorship kinds of discussions?” [41:36]

Credit to Tom Bilyeu for his amazing work!