Welcome to the third episode of Conversations with Tom, with guest Ryan Holiday. This episode again shows an unfiltered, unedited, free-wheeling conversation between two thinkers who discuss their grandest dreams, their deepest fears, and their own sometimes self-contradictory beliefs. Listen as Tom Bilyeu and Ryan Holiday riff on everything from a broken piece of an old tombstone to the Cuban Missile Crisis, and discuss ideas ranging from stoicism to profit maximization. Nothing is off-limits on Conversations with Tom, so enjoy the intellectual ride!


Tom is concerned that he is violating the rule to only do one thing [1:23]
Tom and Ryan discuss going where the heart goes but also making a profit [4:13]
Tom and Ryan talk about Lance Armstrong and following your own principles [6:59]
“Do people I respect really get a lot out of the book?” [9:59]
What is the relationship between stillness and obsession? [11:12]
Ryan talks about the dangers of survivorship bias and only looking at who succeeds [15:11]
Tom riffs on the need to access dark side emotional energy [18:10]
Ryan talks about death [26:47]
Tom talks about potential immortality [32:26]
Ryan discusses the relationship between accepting death and accomplishing greatness [35:04]
Different situations call for solutions [39:05]
Ryan attempts to define perspective [41:58]
Tom talks about changing your brain chemistry to change what drives you [45:25]
“You can’t teach YOUR old dog new tricks.” [48:44]
Ryan and Tom discuss how to create momentum [50:22]
Ryan and Tom discuss how to reach your real potential [53:20]
How malleable are people? [59:29]
Nobody expected Tom to succeed [1:02:02]
Tom describes his fear that people turn off empowering messages if they smell BS [1:04:29]
Tom and Ryan ask how to balance big goals and personal relationships [1:08:29]
What is stillness and why does it matter? [1:17:46]
Ryan illustrates stillness with the story of the Cuban missile crisis [1:21:52]
Ryan explains how to cultivate stillness [1:31:23]
Ryan and Tom discuss going to therapy [1:34:00]
Tom talks about what he wishes he had gotten as a kid [1:37:56]
Tom talks about people he loves that seem absolutely stuck [1:43:38]
Progress depends on the irrational man [1:46:29]
Ryan discusses what he hopes people get from his book [1:50:02]
Tom asks how to step outside the limits of accepted beliefs [1:54:16]
Ryan discusses the connections between stillness, enlightenment and fulfillment [1:58:01]
Ryan and Tom discuss the dangers of new tech and social media [2:01:26]
Tom talks about his history with drugs and alcohol [2:06:00]
Ryan and Tom discuss meditation [2:09:08]


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TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2mbhuyi

Credit to Tom Bilyeu for his amazing work!