Tom answers questions from the community.

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Principles by Ray Dalio – [17:46]
Grit by Angela Duckworth – [43:20]

Is it possible for you to occasionally lose control over your day? What are good techniques for preventing day to day chaos from disrupting order? [00:17]

How do you control your mind and not allow people’s opinions of you dictate your life? [05:27]

How do you continue to push if your health, no matter how much you try and how strong your mind is, stops you from progressing? [08:20]

Have you ever thought of working with the prison population or developing a program for prisoners, especially those coming back into society? [10:05]

How do I reconcile the time that I’ve wasted in the wrong mindset and use it to my advantage without allowing it to bury me in guilt? [11:51]

How do you figure out what goals are worth pursuing? Where do you begin if you’re trying to figure out your why? [13:39]

What’s your best advice for someone just graduating college with no sense of direction and no job? [16:05]

How do you start the process of changing a culture in the workplace and when do you decide whether to cut people if they don’t fit that culture? [17:05]

How exactly do you punish yourself and for how long? [19:45]

How did you develop cut throat awareness without lying to yourself about what you need to do? [22:24]

How receptive should I be to the opinions of others of me when I firmly believe I’m doing the right thing for myself? [23:50]

What are 3 simple good habits you have that help you take control? [25:20]

How do I stay optimistic after constant failures? [27:32]

How do you become and remain humble? More specifically how do you not let your ego get in the way and self-sabotage? [29:18]

How can I conquer fear? What helps you move through it and not get stuck because of it? [31:59]

How do you make sure you retain the books that you read? [33:19]

How are you going to break your 5-day fast? [35:02]

What would you say is your biggest gap in your life right now and how are you working on filling that gap? [36:46]

How do you feel worthy of asking for a mentor? [40:13]

How do I learn to complete something I start? [41:50]

Credit to Tom Bilyeu for his amazing work!