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Excerpt from an article on entrepreneur:

In our technology-saturated world, with more devices than ever, entrepreneurs are finding it impossible to get unplugged. They say Smartphone users check their device every 6.5 minutes, which works out to around 150 times a day. For all the benefits of constant connectivity, we’ve also created a monster, with an epidemic of addictions to phones, social media and the Internet.

However, a rise in workplace meditation practices has touched on the importance of silence and unplugging for a few moments each day.

Sitting in solitude gives you an opportunity to calm any emotional storms. You’re able to process and consider what triggered the negative emotion, and readjust where necessary. The key is to do so as an observer. Step outside of yourself as if reporting for a newspaper. It’s a technique used by psychotherapists to detach a person from their emotions, and allows a more objective and rational response.

Unplugging and disconnecting seems counterintuitive for the hustling entrepreneur, but intentionally making time for silence and solitude will be the paradox that fuels your success.

Credit to Jay Shetty for his amazing work!