Can we be mentored by someone we’ve never met? I believe the answer is yes, we can.

When I wanted to learn how to master my mind, I went straight to the people who were the best in the world at it – monks. I spent nearly four years living as a monk, doing what they did and living how they lived.

We don’t always have face-to-face access to the people we admire, however. What do we do then? Does that mean it’s impossible to be mentored by them? Not at all! We can find ways to follow and learn from them, even if we don’t have a chance to connect with them in person.

Read books about their lives. Watch documentaries and films. Observe and learn what you can from interviews and television. Even if we don’t know them personally, we can still learn so much by following and imitating the people we admire.

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Jay Shetty is a storyteller, podcaster, and former monk who wants to make wisdom go viral. He loves taking his own life experiences, lessons from his time as a monk, and truths he has learned to make others’ lives better.

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