✪LIVE with Dr. Shefali | Parenting In A Time of Crisis
✪ Welcome to Youtube LIVE with Dr. Shefali | Parenting In A Time of Crisis!

Oprah has hailed Dr. Shefali’s work as “revolutionary.”
A NYT bestselling author of two groundbreaking books on parenting; The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family, Dr. Shefali brings a fresh perspective to parenting.

Here’s what we will be discussing in this Live. Please post you questions in the comments below and Dr. Shefali will get to as many as possible in the Q&A section towards the end of the live stream1. How to avoid projecting your fears on to your child2. How to support your child during a crisis 3. The 3 A’s every child needs to learn ( 3 tools to help children thrive in a stressful environment)

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