Moms are seriously whipping out their phones and snapping selfies at scale. So the next time you try to play the “my demo isn’t on social” card, you need to stop and actually confront the reality of the situation which is that we are living through the “youthification” of our society.

We are living through the youthifcation of our society. People who have a story to tell or have something to say, they make a video and use social media as a distribution channel. They want more instagram followers, or Facebook fans, or pay for fake Twitter followers. A high percentage of people here look at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as a distribution channel. “I am going to do something over here, I am going to take that link and then I am going to post it on Facebook and Twitter.” They treat social like it’s email marketing, what they completely lack and where all the upside is and what I basically wrote about in the book which is storytelling contextually within social media, so the results happen with in it, no reason to send them out somewhere else.

People really get a romantic point of view of driving social media followers to their website, when at the end of the day would you care if you sold to someone in your house or at the park? It doesn’t really matter if you sell them on social media or your website or store location, as long as you sold to them. There is just a lack of strategy in my opinion, by the way this is one man’s point of view that spends all his time thinking about why in the world are my friends raising a million dollars starting a company and then heavily hurting companies that have 500 million dollars in market caps. Why are we living in that world right now? Why are we living in a world where companies within 36 months are able to massively disrupt the incumbent that has more money, more legacy, brand equity and so much more infrastructure; it’s happening, because of the internet itself. The internet itself has eliminated the cost of infrastructure to go to the consumer and storytell in an efficient way, you can go out and get a million instagram followers tomorrow. What I spend all my time on is trying to not allow my customers to spend money on dumb shit, because that is what they do all day long. We are spending money on dumb shit and we are not story telling to where the consumer is, which at the moment just happens to be social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine, and this is happening at scale.

The fastest growing demo on instagram is 40 to 60 year olds that are taking the most selfies in the world. The growth curve in the last 6 months has been 43 year old females. 43 year olds are the highest growth curve in selfies. Moms are fucking pulling it out and snapping the fuck out of selfies at a scale that nobody thought and so we are disregarding a very important fact. 40 to 60 year olds are now the ones looking for more Instagram followers.

I really want to pound this one home for you, I really want you to hear this, because too many people are going to pull the “my customers is not there card” or “my demo is not there!” That is my favorite fucking card that I want to f*cking burn! Let me explain to you what is going on with your fucking card! You’re “my customers is not there”

The highest conversion of consumption on Facebook right now is 46 to 60 year olds because they have gotten into the habit and they aren’t leaving. That is why your mom still has a yahoo email address and that kind of shit. Number two if you look at the behavior data, the clothes she buys, the way she goes out and how often, her routine, the way she engages on social media right now, the average is and this is only in American stats. ( Please keep in mind that this is only in American Stats) the average 44 year old female in the US, maps to the average 29 year old American woman behavior only 10 years ago.

We are living through the “youthification” of our society for anybody here over 35- 40 and can remember their parents at some point at that age everybody in here that is capable of thinking about it for one second when your parents were your age I promise you that they were much older than you. Our parents behavior was much older we are living through a massive “youthification” and it’s because of the shift in technology. How many people here have a daughter or son that is 15- 22 years old raise your hands? So for the 30 of you do you remember the conversation you had 2 years ago when you said “Hey little Ricky I don’t care how you talk to your friends, but when your mother and father call you pick up the damn phone!” Remember that one? Just curious how did that work out for you?